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Resources for Collectors of Area Rugs

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Starting Rug-Collecting
Here are some articles of interest for those with an interest in collecting antique and semi-antique rugs and tribal weavings. Some current topics in the index are is the auction a good place to buy a rug, is the Internet auction a gold mine or fool's gold, what's wrong with the buyer's premium, a collector's perspective on synthetic dyes, an introduction to rugs and repairs, how much is too much restoration, and an organized approach for the new collector.

Persian and Oriental Rugs
This is a website by Barry O’Connell, who is an expert on Persian and Oriental rugs and gives appraisals in 14 states. On this site he publishes the O'Connell Guide to Persian Rugs. He makes the point that there are more than ten thousand towns and villages in Iran that product Persian rugs, and he is collecting dawta so he can create area guides for specific types of rugs. If a rug is not woven in Iran, than it is not a Persian rug, but a copy, he says. This site takes time to focus on rug-makers, with articles and photographs of how they create their crafts. There are sections on Mazlaghan, Mood, Nahavend, Heriz, Isfahan, Enjelas, Arak rugs and much, much more. Other sections include Turkish rugs, Uzbek rugs, Baluch rugs and more. Noted on the homepage are several links to oriental rug cleaners and restorers in varios locations.

Oriental Rug Collecting Today
Learn what to look for, and what to watch for in this article about Oriental rug collecting in Antiques & Fine Art Magazine. Today's new rug buyer has a difficult task. Faced with a dwindling supply of top examples and rising prices, the new collector’s need for good education and guidance is greater than ever. Luckily, with the many scholarly books written in the last thirty years, an excellent bimonthly publication from London (Hali magazine, which contains top-notch articles and illustrations pertaining to the scholarship of rugs and textiles, as well as good reporting on current events in the rug world), and a group of knowledgeable dealers and established collectors who are more than willing to share their knowledge, there is hope for the new buyer, according to the writer.

Jozan Magazine
Jozan Magazine is an International website and digital magazine about oriental rugs and carpets. Jozan Magazine also includes Danish, Swedish and Norwegian versions. Jozan Magazine includes articles on oriental rugs and carpets, an auction calendar, sales gallery with rugs from our members and a very large educational rug gallery. The educational photo-gallery with more than 1450 Persian, Anatolian, Caucasian, Turkmen and Balouch rugs is a important part of the magazine. Most of the images are published with permission from friendly dealers, auction houses, collectors and museums. Site includes rug news and articles, auction information, rug sales, vendors, a free rug newsletter, an oriental rug sales gallery, rug guides and photographs. Information about Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, Caucasia rugs, Turkman rugs, textiles and kilims is noted.

The Hajji Baba Club
The Hajji Baba Club is an oriental rug collectors' organization that features club newsletters, collectors' choices of oriental rugs, a photo archive and resourceful Oriental rug links.

Metropolitan Carpet Gallery
The Metropolitan Carpet Gallery is located in New York. Antique Oriental rugs are featured as well as the following rugs: Bergama, Chenil, Chinese, Hamadan, Bigjov, Ikat, Kirman, Hession, Mudjar, Yezd, ChiChi, Belouch, Art Deco, Kazak, Tapestry, Shirvan, Tekke and more. Rug appraisal, rug cleaning, rug restoration, rug storage, and antique rugs trade also available. Includes links to the Hajji Baba Club, American Conference on Oriental Rugs, Armenian Rugs and Carpets and rug antique shows.

Silk and Wool: Ottoman Textile Designs in Turkish Rugs
An excellent article by Gerard Paquin on a University of Virginia research site that is rich with links to many colorful examples to illustrate his points. It's a course of study in itself.


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