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Home Business Distractions and Solutions
This is an article about balancing home and work, including the challenges of a home-based business. Tips include separating the office from the home, instead of working in the den or living room. Home office distractions can be minimized by separating the office from the home, simply by setting up a separate room as an office. Creating separate working hours benefits clients by giving them a set time frame to contact you at your home office. Home-based-workers can avoid becoming workaholics by sticking to the hours and taking breaks when necessary. The last tip is to install a separate home office telephone line so work does not interfere with home activities.

Getting Charged for Unwanted Car-Rental Insurance
Business travelers who are interested in a car rental should make a point of checking out this interesting article first. It explains how digital technology is used at rental counters allowing customers to choose whether to buy the auto rental agency's insurance coverage or not. Anyone who wants to rent a vehicle should take care when using this system to avoid agreeing to coverage that the driver does not wish to purchase. If you're looking for a Culver City car rental, visit Marathon Car Rental, offering personal service and pick up within a 3-mile radius of its locations in Culver City, Downey and Hermosa Beach.

Get an Auto Body Repair Specialist Working for You
When dealing with an auto body repair shop, consumers can benefit from having an independent expert on their side. This person can help the vehicle owner make sure that only necessary repairs are being performed and that the price being charged is fair. Turning the task of negotiating with the shop to an expert can make the process less stressful for drivers. For personal service in auto body repair Los Angeles, visit Westwood Auto Body on the west side of LA> They offer a lifetime guarantee.

Checklist on How to Start a Home-Based Business
If you plan to be a home-based business owner, you should follow certain laws and regulations. In this article at Entrepreneur.com, you will find a helpful checklist on the legal steps. This includes the different forms of home-based businesses and the basics of getting a business license. There is also a guide on how to know if you are required to obtain an occupation license, as well as a resource about sales tax. The latter part of the article offers some tips on how you can protect your business name, and other legal matters.

Ideas for Great Home Offices
Here are photos and descriptions of 25 great home office ideas. This feature presents many wonderful ideas and alternatives, and gives tips on how to plan for a home office. Some of the examples offered include an office in a closet, a mobile office in a trailer that can be towed, a Murphy bed office with a rolling file cabinet, a kid-friendly homework center, an office created by borrowing space and adding a wall between a den and living room, an office in a water tower, one created out of a two-car garage/poolhouse, into the attic (adding large openable skylights and sconces), and a dining table, dining room conversion.

101 Secrets of Successful Home-Based Businesses
Running a home-based business has ups and down. Unless you have no idea on the different strategies on dealing with problems, you will never be a successful home-based business owner. Buy no worries, AllBusiness.com reveals the one hundred and one so-called secrets of successful home-based business owners and training experts, including Craig Wolfe, founder of CelebriDucks, and personal coach Stephanie Staples. Most of these techniques are very easy and do not really require you to spend money. This includes creating a work environment you feel good in, keeping your overhead to a minimum, and building a strong team. For best prices on bulk mail marketing cass software programs, such as A-Qua Mailer web, desktop and command by Lorton Data Software and Postalsoft Desktop Mailer from SAP/Business Objects, see MailersMVP.

For more resources, visit HomeBusinessAnswers.info.

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