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Design Ideas for Specific Rooms

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12 Modern and Inspiring Bedroom Design Ideas
Modern bedrooms are not complicated; as you only need to have a creative mind. Clutter should also be avoided. If you are looking for ideas of modern and inspiring bedrooms, browse these 12 stunning bedroom designs at Freshome.com. You will notice that besides the neat mixture of color, each bedroom is elegantly designed with the combination of great artistry and creative decorative elements. The wood floorings are nice and simple, and were offset with cool set of furniture and appropriate lightings. All these designs are friendly to the eyes and are inviting you to come in and relax.

43 Creative Designs of Small Kitchens
Having a small kitchen gives you no choice but to make it look spacious. But if you want to maintain its beauty and you just don't know how, these 43 creative designs at OneKindesign.com will surely inspire you. For the tips, you should only buy smaller kitchen appliances, make use of its center space, providing lighting that can make your kitchen look bigger, using of illusion of flooring, using glass doors for cabinets, maximizing the storage space, using of pullout cabinet, painting the cabinets with the same color as the walls, and of course, keeping the area free from clutter.

The Fire Pot Has a Place in Interior Decor
Check out this informative web site to learn about fireplaces, as well as how hanging firepots were traditionally used for cooking soup. Modern-day homeowners can capture this traditional look by hanging a small fire pot in their fireplace. You will also discover how to use a tabletop model for cooking and serving. This type of container is also handy if you want to serve fondue to friends and family.

34 Fresh Ideas for Decorating a Home Office Area
Browse these inspiring home office photos that could help turn your workspace into a creative heaven that's also organized and productive. These 34 ideas are intended to disobey all rules and connect professionalism with coziness. Ordinary shelving and bookcases can be treated to a healthy serving of color, and then used to accommodate books, magazines and other research materials for future craft projects. Bulletin boards and chalkboards can be used to display artful ideas that are in progress. Color and pattern can be manipulated within the craft space to assist with the organization of craft supplies. Jars with lids, nesting baskets and boxes make wonderful selections for storing small items, while drawers and large containers serve as ideal candidates for housing larger craft supplies.

Organize Your Garage by Good Housekeeping
While you may not decorate your garage, it’s always a good idea to keep it organized and looking cleaned up, rather then delegate the garage as a dumping ground for misplaced objects and miscellaneous tools. This article on the Good Housekeeping website show you how to reclaim the space and organize it with five simple ideas. One is to reclaim your parking space by utilizing the walls with a pegboard system. You can also mount shelves above the board. Another idea is to set up a work space for those DIY projecdt and repairs. YOu need a counter-heaight table, a rolling car with wheel locks (ideal), or a set of sawhorses that you can put a countertop on. Use loft-like stoarge or easily installed rack units to hold those seasonal items, such as holiday decor or outdoor gear. Put in a lockable, well ventilated cabinet to store dangerous chemicals. And finally, toss out stuff you're really not going to need.

Small Space Living from Pier 1
Living in an apartment or other small space means you are limited in improving its looks. You cannot paint the walls or buy heavy house items simple because you don't when you will leave. But thanks to this apartment department of Pier 1, a Texas-based home décor store since 1962, you have a wide choice of kitchen gadgets and dinnerware, window panels, wall décors that are easy to remove, stylish mirrors that can create stunning illusion of space and light , lightings and lamps, rugs and carpets, baskets and hampers, as well as slim tables and chairs.

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