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The Right Lighting, from P&G Everyday
This article on P&G Everyday by designer Kenneth Wingard provides some advice and tips and tricks for choosing the right home interior lighting, including information on types of light (ambient, accent, task and natural), and types of light fixtures: flush and semi-flush ceiling lights, pendant, wall sconces, recessed and track, and lamps: a large category that encompasses all moveable light fixtures, from loor lamps and table lamps, to torchieres and desk lamps. These usually provide accent and task lighting since they're usually not bright enough to light an entire room. The article also talks about how to put these light types and fixtures. A general rule is to make sure every room has at least three different sources of light. In a bedroom, for example, you might have a floor lamp, a dresser lamp, and two wall scones over the bed.

Lighting the Way to Information on Lighting
The Resources section on Lighting Design Lab have some of the best articles on lighting on the web. The articles from this site cover everything from advanced lighting design, which takes all elements of a space into consideration when creating contemporary lighting, to Olympic lighting and security lighting, to residential lighting fixtures which includes specialty lighting, kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting, patio lights, deck lighting, garden lighting, landscape lighting, dimmers, low voltage lighting and so much more. This site also links to articles covering such technical lighting topics as lighting controls and power distribution, color rendering and color temperature, and a green home lighting guide.

Outdoor Lighting Techniques from the American Lighting Association
The American Lighting Association gives you some tips on outdoor lighting. First, it reminds everyone that many cities are implementing special building codes for outdoor lighting, and that you should check with your local building inspection office before installing one. For the front entrance, it is recommended that you use wall lamps on each side of the door. There are also tips for lighting outside the garage, swimming pool, fountain, driveway, deck, patio, and others. In addition, there are suggestions on how to use lighting as added security measure for your home, and how to conserve energy as well.

Bedroom Lighting
Choosing the right lighting for your bedroom is discussed in this article, which talks about the arrangement of furniture and combining it with good lighting for a nice look. Types and styles of lighting depend on bedroom occupants. Couples need individually controlled reading lights on each side of the bed. Children demand extra light for homework areas. The baby's nursery requires an installed dimmer or subdued lamp that allows parents to check on their cherub without waking him up. A senior citizen's bedroom has special lighting needs as well. Even in homes with contemporary baths and kitchens, bedroom trends tend toward the traditional. For warmth, look for bronze, brass and antique brass fixtures. Darker finishes and colors also predominate. Cream, textured white and brushed nickel offer a lighter bedside option. The article also suggests that people consider a pre-construction bedroom lighting plan. To update an existing bedroom, replace a flush-mount ceiling fixture with a newer design or a ceiling fan. Change or add portable or table lamps for a quick, inexpensive facelift. Up-lighting from the floor to highlight a plant or potted tree adds interest, as does directional lighting.

For more resources, visit BetterLightingDesign.com.

Or review sample resources on the world of lighting.


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