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Elder Living Resources (02)

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Chiropractic Care for Seniors: Benefits and Studies
SurreyWellness.com is the official website of Surrey Pain & Wellness Clinic, owned by Dr. Manjit Sadhra, D.C. The first part of the article explains the importance of chiropractic care to aging adults. One reason given is the changes in spinal discs, joints, ligaments, muscles that happen to their body. The next part explains the 10 benefits of chiropractic care to seniors, which includes being an effect pain relief to neck, spine, and joints. To show evidence of the claim, two recent studies were summarized. Both of them suggest that chiropractic care and proper exercises are helpful to seniors in keeping a healthy body.

Why Seniors Who Adopt Pets Often Stay in Better Shape
Eventually in your senior years, your needs will be different as your body and behavior changes. But according to this article by Power of Paws, a movement that gives seniors new reasons and ways on how they can strengthen the bond with their pets, pet ownership for seniors has a lot of benefits. This includes having a clear sense of purpose, decreased likelihood of depression be more likely to exercise, and receiving unconditional love and attention. Seniors who adopt pets also tend to feel less stress, improve their morale, and become more independent. Pets also serve as social lubricants for elderly people, simply because pet owner usually enjoy talking to each other about their pets.

See the World: Adventure Travel for Seniors by Elderhostel/ Road Scholar
Ready, set, go! If you’re ready to explore more than 8,000 all-inclusive learning adventures within the U.S. and in 90 countries, Elderhostel offers an in-depth and behind-the-scenes learning experiences for almost every interest and ability. History, culture, nature, music, outdoor activities such as walking and biking, individual skills, crafts, study cruises: Enjoy these and many more with the not-for-profit leader in educational travel for aging adults. Meet other seniors while you travel and find out about adventures of a lifetime you can take alone or with a caregiver. The world is yours to see and senior travel can be very exciting with adventures such as these.

WebMd.com Offers Authoritative Information About Chiropractor Care
Internet users know they can count on the information provided by WebMd.com and this section of the site looks at chiropractic care. Visitors can learn more about the type of treatment they will receive from a chiropractic practitioner, including a detailed examination and spinal manipulation. The article also sets out the potential risks and benefits of seeking chiropractic treatments. A number of links to related topics, videos and message boards are also listed here.

Senior Living Guide.com
Senior Living Guide.com is a senior housing and service resource guide for seniors and their family, to more easily find, on a nationwide basis, housing, retirement communities, assisted living, adult communities, as well as nursing homes and Alazheimer's care and other relevant services such as in-home health care. The site also contains a Senior Style Info and Entertainment guide acovering such information as dealing with difficult family situations, travel and leisure, health and fitness, medical matters, benefits and legal issues, finances and estate planning, cooking and recipes, virtual travel, and things to challenge seniors mentally to stay sharp. There's also an Ask Karla forum for asking personal questions.

For more resources, visit ElderLivingResources.com.

Or review sample resources for elder/senior health.


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