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Make Your Own Leaf Mold the Organic Gardening Way
Discover the three basic ingredients you need to make your own leaf mold and how this natural soil conditioner can be used in your own organic garden. Consider using this organic product in place of peat or mulch, and find out why it's a great choice if you are gardening in a dry area. Other suggestions, including making a special tea from the leaf mold to make an organic plant food.

Planet Natural Research Center
Providing answers and advice for organic gardeners, this massive resource includes, at this writing, 23 how-to guides and 897 articles from organic gardening experts, on such topics as compost and soil, pest control, vegatables, herbs, and harvesting all four seasons. There's a lot of information on indoor gardens, including hydroponics and indoor gardening under lights. Examples are guides on growing herbs, growing plants in pots, and raised bed gardening. There are guides on growing specific vegetables, such as tomatoes and potatoes. The site has special sections, such as the Organic Gardening Guru, where you'll learn a lot about soil, fertilizers, the best garden plants,and gardening products. There is a video channel on the site where you can learn step-by-step how to do things such as dry herbs, plant in pots, compost with worms, and grow great flowers.

Gardener's Path
This site arranges their gardening tips by month and usually features 10 tips per month. In the Over the fence section, many gardening articles are featured. You'll find book reviews, garden guides, garden notes, and articles on organic gardening. This site is just getting started, but it already has a lot of useful information. The Tool Shed includes garden planners, and links to various garden resources. The Plant Guide is planned to be a large, growing resource of any type of plant you could think of, click on a name of a plant and you'll learn about the plant and it's vital statistics that will help you grow it perfectly.

Organic Gardening Information
Growing in your organic garden is easy with these fact sheets. Includes a vegetable growing chart, lettuce table, section on soil pH, do it yourself soil tests, biodynamics, companion planting charts, liquid and foliar feeds, planting plan, organic fruit growing, gardener's checklists, composting, crop rotation and sowing seeds. Square foot gardening, urban farming and microfarming are also noted. Site is based in the United Kingdom.

Natural Pest Control and Beneficial Insects on Gardens
To keep your garden fresh and safe, use the natural way of pest control instead of buying harmful insecticides. In this article, there a many examples on how you can do it. Each natural remedy is designed for a specific set of pests; the ingredients are non-toxic and easily available. This includes canola oil, baking soda, cooking oil, garlic, cayenne, and hot pepper sauce. There are also a list of some pest prevention tips, along with the different kinds of traps and barriers. On the other hand, there is a shortlist of the beneficial insects and how you can identify them.

Knowledge Gained from an Organic Garden
Website of an organic garden includes information bout companion planning, chemical interactions, lighting, intercropping, composting for sustainable organic gardening, zeriscaping, permaculture, botany basics, planting food, organic fertilizers, soil fertility, sustainable soil, conditioning alkaline soil, water conservation, crop rotation, cover crops, reducing soil pH, and more. An organic gardening resource list of links is included, with a section on organic foods.

For more resources, visit OrganicGardeningResources.com.

Or review sample resources on general gardening topics.


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