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What is the Best Real Estate Investment Strategy for 2016?
Every year, real estate investment strategies change based on the changing market situation. In 2016, real estate investment trusts have moved ahead of the rest of the S&P 500. In current market, you can find investment prospects in alternative markets like secondary cities. Though metros areas like New York or San Francisco offers large financial rewards, they also have severe competition. Every investment market, whether good or bad, has an associated exit strategy. When property prices drop, investors should consider rehabbing. Then when prices go up, the best real estate investment strategy is to buy and hold investment properties. Read more about it in this article by Fortune Builders.

Boutique Hotel Investment Conference
This is the information portal of Boutique Hotel Investment Conference, which was held in June this year in New York City. As distinctive global travelers love to spend their investment dollars on appealing experience, the boutique and lifestyle hotels continues to attract this market segment. Also, the classy entrepreneurs with a mission to create an impression in the hospitality sector, will generally prefer boutique properties. The investment opportunities available today include building a hotel, renovating a struggling property, and collaborating with other investors. Your financial worth can influence the level at which one can invest.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Review
The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review website offers real estate investment wisdom to common investors. Direct real estate investing has typically generated steady 9.6 percent or more returns. Ordinary investors have never been able to enjoy the benefits of these investments as they are beyond the common investor's financial reach. The launching of crowdfunding has brought RE investments to the mainstream, where investors with little capital can buy equity stakes in large commercial properties. As numerous crowd funding sites exist, it is easy to get confused. The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review portal takes the mystery out of the game. After conducting in depth research on the crowdfunding market, the reviewers have distilled their knowledge into the site.

Spain's Tourism Property Sector Attracts Asian Investors
Platinum Estates, a Hong Kong based boutique property firm, is heavily endorsing tourism property investments in Spain. According to this firm, Spain is the best European destination for tourism property investment. So long as the tourism demand continues to rise in Spain, the tourism real estate investors will make a fortune. Thus Chinese tourists cum investors have now turned their attention to boutique properties in Spain. Harry Mohinani, an Indian textile magnate and controller of Platinum Estates, has vast experience in buying distressed real estate assets. He has his eyes on the Spanish RE market since 2013.

Miami Beach—New Hotbed for Boutique Hotel Deals
A Law 360 article mentions that the South Beach skyline in Miami is not capitalized by the Big Leagues of the Hospitality industry any more. Boutique hotels are now attracting the attention of major real estate investors in the Miami hospitality sector. Many small boutique hotels lined up on Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive on Miami Beach, once considered ma and pa operations, have now caught the fancy of both large and small real estate investors. These small boutique hotels are being targeted by large hospitality brands too. International repute of Miami as a premier tourism destination has much to do with this sparked interest in boutique hotels.

How to Invest in Real Estate with Your IRA and 401K & Pay Little or No Taxes
The IRA regulations offer many tax advantages to the American tax payer, but the only drawback is that you have to comply with multiple regulations to gain access to that fund. The financial services firms usually will not allow you to use IRA money for real estate investments as too many complicated paperwork are involved, but IRS does not forbid such investments. If you want, you can make funds transfers or take loans against 401k to gain access to IRA funds. If you plan carefully, then a retirement plan can be vested in real estate investments without any tax implications. Read more about this in this SF Gate article.

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