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Join the Benefic Network

The Benefic Network is a directory of non-commercial Web resources on a plethora of topics of interest to consumers. These non-commercial resources offer tips, advice, how-to knowledge—just about any information that is both useful and objective.

To accelerate growth and make the Benefic Network more useful to consumers and advertisers, our model is to invite interested individuals to join our network with sites they create that review non-commercial Web resources on specific topics.

It's easy to do. You suggest to us a topic, a "category" of interest to consumers, such as Home Improvement, Gardening—it can be just about anything. Once we agree on the category, you research the Web for resources that provide useful, independent, non-commercial information on that topic and write reviews of those resources. You are the owner of your site, responsible for its design and development, hosting and management and all other tasks associated with site ownership.

You can participate in the Benefic Network with multiple sites.

How You Benefit

Participating in the Benefic Network, you share in the advertising revenue generated from our sponsors.

Small Web publishers are challenged in attracting advertisers not because their content and audience are unattractive, but because of size: advertisers want a large enough buy to make it worth their effort. By joining the Benefic Network, small publishers can be part of a larger network that will attract advertisers.

Being part of a larger network, you also benefit from traffic sent to your site from other sites in the Benefic Network.

The underlying philosophy is the classic whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

As we are in the early stages of building the network, advertising income from the Benefic Network will be minimal, derived primarily from pay-per-click advertising delivered from the Google AdSense. But as the Benefic Network grows it will become more attractive to advertisers and offer other types of ads such as display ads.

Getting Started

If you'd like to participate in the Benefic Network, please Contact Us.

Tell us what topic or category you're interested in. It should be one that you are knowledgeable and ideally passionate about. If we approve you topic, we will then send you an application and more information on our policies.

Thank you for your interest in the Benefic Network.


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