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Internet Safety Tips for Parents on NCPC.org
Kids today are fond of using the Internet. But as parents, it's your responsibility to make sure they are safe online. In this article by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), you will learn how you can protect yourself and your children from identity theft and other forms of fraud. This includes reminding your child not to give personal information or photos to anyone or post them online without your approval, and to never agree to meet face-to-face to someone whom they only knew from social media. As an adult, you should avoid paying through check or money order when participating in an online auction. In addition, you should memorize your passwords instead of writing them in a piece of paper.

Keep Kids Safer for Life
If you are not familiar with I'm Safe! than you might be interested in knowing that all of our injury prevention materials are reviewed and recommended by the National SAFE KIDS Campaign. Also, just about everything we do can be made available in different languages and can be personalized to support your specific programs and objectives. The site offers videos and resources about car safety and car seats, water safety, bike safety, pet safety, baby safety, shopping safety, safety in sports and recreation, protecting children from bullying, and pedestrian and summer safety. The site also includes alerts and recalls, as well as important dates on the calendar. There are links to free stuff, as well.

National Injury and Violence Prevention Resource Center
Home of the Children's Safety Network, this site's features include a searchable database of all CSN publications and easy online ordering; recent library acquisitions; and updated injury and violence prevention news. Topics include a wealth of resources about residential safety, traffic safety, child abuse prevention, suicide prevention, training and professional development, highway safety, childhood injury control, health care, domestic violence, child neglect, recreational child safety, funding for child safety and bullying.

The Ins and Outs of Socializing Puppies to Children
Do you know your dog or puppy in and out? What about their socialization tendencies? Operation socialization site is all about raising puppies with healthy behavioral traits. The website's take on dog owners is that socialization is often glazed over as an unimportant aspect while raising pets. It teaches owners techniques to harness the best of their dog's traits, while weeding out typical problematic behavior surfacing in canines, to enjoy a joyous companionship in the years to follow. The site offers scores of training and tracking tools to dog owners to help them achieve the same. Their positive reinforcement strategies bid adieu to the age-old "punishment" tactics.

How to Protect Your Child from Drowning
Parents whose children have drowned say that the day of the tragedy started out just like any other day. No matter how the drowning happened or where it happened—pool, spa, or any other body of water—one thing was the same: the seconds that claimed their child's life slid by silently, without warning, and can never be brought back. Water safety tips are offered by the Mayo Clinic website as part of its infant and toddler health information, including attending children by pool side, using alarms on each door that leads to the pool, installing a motor-driven safety pool cover, safeguarding pools with fences and self-closing and self-latching gate use. The site also a lot of other child safety information as well.

For more resources, visit ChildSafetyResources.com.

Or review sample resources on home security.


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