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Use The Six Key Systems Approach To Effective "Green" Home Design
Are looking to build a new home or renovate one with your family's health, overall efficiency, disaster resistance, mold and pet resistance, maintenance and its environmental impact in mind? Then you're thinking green. EcoSmartInc.com has a comprehensive web site that covers the subject of "green building." And while "green" design and construction can cost five to eight percent more, homeowners will pay less overall on a mortgage and utilities. It's worth considering! EcoSmartInc.com's "Six Key System" focuses on a specific foundation and attic construction design, the right windows, high efficiency HVAC, the use of solar energy that can reduce water heating costs up to 95 percent, and water recycling that can save homeowners 30 percent on water and sewer use.

These Toilet Installation Tips Will Have You Flushing In No Time
New home construction, bathroom additions, bathroom remodeling, and middle-of-the-night disasters often include new toilet installation. If you're including a new toilet in your home improvement project, HammerZone.com will guide you through the toilet installation process. It includes detailed steps and photographs. Editor Bruce Maki also includes helpful suggestions, such as using traditional wax rings with plastic flanges and the addition of rubber striping to help prevent leakage.

How to Get a License as a Roofing Contractor
A consumer who is considering various local roofing companies will want to be sure that the one he or she is considering has gone through the process to get licensed. Find out what steps that roofing companies are required to complete to get this designation. This list also mentions the importance of proper insurance for roofing companies.

Site Offers Natural Disaster Roof Protection Tips From Concrete Monthly
Homeowners need to prepare for potential damage from natural disasters long before a storm is forecast. If your property is located within a danger zone, this site offers suggestions on what type of roof to consider when remodeling or replacing your current roof, and tips on steps to take prior to and after the arrival of a major storm event.

Let the University of Georgia Teach You About Soil Testing for Home Lawns, Gardens, and Wildlife Food Plots
In order to get the proper soil analysis, you need to follow the correct procedure in collecting samples for testing. Discover the procedure for taking multiple samples from each location, the best time of year for collecting samples, the tools needed, and the correct depth for collecting them. A series of answers to FAQs will provide you with additional information.

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