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The 5-Minute Personal Organization Tip That Works
Getting organized doesn't necessarily mean you should always spend time, as there are simple activities that will take you five minutes or less. In this article, you will learn six of them. This includes planning your schedule for today, and checking your yesterday's notes and list of action items. It is also recommended that you do everything to repeat your successes, and choosing your priorities as you write your daily to-do list. But of course, you should be able to commit yourself in following your plan.

Member's Only List Site
If you an afford $12 per year you can take advantage of the List Organizer System. This site has literally hundreds of organizing lists to help you get your life in shape and to give you more time to spend with your friends and family. The list of organizing lists that will be available to you upon joining this site is truly awesome and includes Daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly planners so you can set and work toward not just short-term goals but life goals as well. There are even dream lists (places you dream of visiting) and lists to organize children. But that's not all. There are literally dozens of lists here designed to keep every aspect of your life, your home and your business just as organized as you choose it to be. There are grocery lists, menu planners, party planners, lists to help organize an overall household clean up along with very specific lists that cover every aspect of bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, living room and bedroom cleaning, and a list to keep your cleaning supplies organized. The number and complexity of the lists on this site are amazing. If you truly want to get organized, it may very well be worth $12 a year to have access to every organizational list that you ever wanted but were afraid to ask for.

Getting Things Done: Personal Organization and Self Management Tips from David Allen
This is the website for David Allen's GTD Methodology, or Getting Things Done, a time-management method by well-known productivity consultant, David Allen. The essence of GTD is five steps to apply order to chaos and provide you the space and structure to be more creative, strategic, and focused: 1) Capture (collective what has your attention), 2) Clarify (process what it means), 3) Organize (put it where it belongs), 4) Reflect (review frequently), and 5) Engage (simply do). You will also have a better understanding of the Pareto law, or the so-called 80-20 rule. This principle will teach you some strategies on to focus on the 20 percent of your activities, and the remaining 80 percent is the result.

Personal Help for Organizing
FlyLady is a personal online coach that help people gain control of their lives by helping them organize it. She offers cleaning and organizing tips with humor, and a daily email that helps people set up routines and put their lives in order. Her lessons include shining kitchen sinks, de-cluttering 15 minutes a day, taking regular breaks, getting dressed to the shoes, and the site offers you information to build your own control journal. She offers a vacation planning and packing list and an evacuation preparedness sheet. A shop and library complete the site, offering products for home organization such as calendar pages, dusters, pens and home organization books.

For more resources, visit BetterPersonalOrganization.com.

Or review sample resources on family/home organization.


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