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Resources for Collectors of Area Rugs

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The History of Oriental and Persian Rugs
Collectors often justify their Oriental and Persian rug obsession by explaining their desire to own a small piece of the rich history and beauty behind this art. You can learn more about how the art came to be in this article, which says that rug weaving is a tradition spanning centuries over a number of cultures. There are many references to the art of weaving found in ancient scriptures and classical writing. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that proves these references were to pile carpets and not simply to flat weaves (Kilims).

New England Rug Society
The New England Rug Society is an informal organization of people interested in enriching their knowledge and appreciation of antique oriental rugs and ethnographic textiles. Founded in 1985 as the New Boston Rug Society, it has since grown to more than 170 members from throughout New England who share a common love of the traditional creative textile arts. NERS members gather six to eight times each year at informal meetings that usually feature an outside speaker and focus on a particular theme related to the rug field. All participants are encouraged to bring rugs and textiles to the meetings for discussion and comment. Meetings are held in various locations depending on the subject, including public meeting facilities, museums, local rug dealerships and auction houses, and other appropriate venues. Light refreshments accompany each gathering. Site includes rug resources, newsletter, links and meeting information.

Math Forum: Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets
In this online exhibit, the study of symmetry is used to analyze patterns in Oriental carpets. It is a joint project of The Textile Museum and The Math Forum.

Oriental Rugs the O'Connell Guide
This is a Web site by Barry O’Connell, who publishes information about Oriental rugs, especially Persian Rugs and Islamic Art. This site takes time to focus on rug-makers, with articles nard photographs of how they create their crafts. There are sections on Mazlaghan, Mood, Nahavend, Heriz, Isfahan, Enjelas, Arak rugs and much, much more. Other sections include Turkish rugs, Uzbek rugs, Baluch rugs and more. Noted on the homepage is an article about how to clean rugs, as he visited a rug-cleaning seminar.

Presentation on Oriental Rugs
This is a detailed exposition on oriental rugs by the Islamic Arts and Architecture Organization. Explains in detail the historical and cultural significance of Arabic calligraphy. It is very rich with information illustrated with examples of dozens of calligraphic works. Includes Turkish, Persian and Caucasian rugs.

Persian and Oriental Rugs Collecting
A collection of articles about Persian and Oriental rug collecting! Topics cover advice and tips for collecting rugs, silk and wool rug distinctions, history of Persian rugs and a gallery of photos depicting the rich history of wool and cotton rugs, symmetry and patterns in rugs, a Persian rug gallery, images and text exploring designs by William Morris as well as Indian rug information.


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