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Resources for Collectors of Area Rugs

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Interview with a Rug Collector
People who collect Turkoman rugs are irreverently referred to by other rug collectors as Turkomaniacs. Essentially a phenomenom which emerged in the 50s, Turkoman rug collecting was at the core of tribal rug interest. Ned, who is 60, was educated as a scientist and has a Ph. D. In biology. Employed in industry most of his life, he is presently self-employed as an environmental (pure water) consultant. His interest in Oriental rugs dates March, 1972 when he inherited three rugs -- a roomsize 1930s Kirman, a Sarouk, and a Hamadan. With these three rugs, he and his wife Joan purchased another rug and vissited local rug dealers, mostly department stores and small dealers. Within a few weeks they settled on a 1930s "American", ivory ground Sarouk and a new 3x5 Mir Sarouk. Since then, he's been an avid rug collector. Some of his rugs are shown in this interview.

TurkoTek is a non-commercial site for collectors of mostly antique oriental rugs and other ethnographic textiles, where rug enthusiasts can connect. It overs tribal rugs and textiles from central and western Asia, Khorjin, Tentband, Kilims, Torba, Juval, Turkmen, Belouch, and Afshar. The site includes articles, discussion forums, archives of salons and selected discussions, a portrait gallery where site participants can add their portrait so participants can feel more connected to each other, attribution guides, course outlines, maps, TurkoTek history and links to informational and educational rugs sites.

Marla Mallett Textiles and Tribal Oriental Rugs
This site by the author of Woven Structures: A Guide to Oriental Rug and Textile Analysis features 3100 photos that illustrate a variety of textile art topics concerning antique tribal oriental rugs, kilims, tapestries and ethnic textiles from around the world.

Austrian Society for Textile-Art-Research
This non-profit association was founded in Vienna in 1982 with the mission of advancing the research and deepening the knowledge of the textile arts and to publish their findings and present them at various symposia and international conferences on ethnological textile arts and Oriental carpets.

All About Turkish Carpets and Rugs
This resource provides many pictures and topics and classifies rugs by type and region, e.g.,:Bergama, Antalya, Hereke, Ladik, Kars, Kayseri, Kozak, Kula, Kulluce Milas, Taspinar, Yahyali, and Yagcibedir. It covers the history of rug and kilim weaving, construction techniques and materials and dyes used, the "language" of the motifs used, and much more.

Asian Arts
The online journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia, which naturally includes Oriental rugs and carpets, offers articles, photo galleries, information on exhibitions (in public and private institutions and galleries) and associations, as well as sections for a discussion forum, a calendar of events, books, and links to other related resources. .


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