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Resources for Collectors of Area Rugs

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Articles on Baluch Rugs
Antique rugs and textiles dealer Thomas Color publishes a page of articles on Baluch Rugs, some of them written by him. They include an interview with Jeremy Wood-Anderson, a legendary expert on these rugs who has lived among the tribes in Baluchistan, Sistan, Khorasan and Afghanistan and collects for Western museums; pile rugs of the Baluch and their neighbors; a special Baluch tribal rug from Chakhansur now at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco; Baluch aesthetics, the ethnographic information that is the common thread in the technique and craft of the weave; Baluch rugs in the Victoria & Albert Museum; prayer rugs of the Timuri and their neighbors; Yacub Khani and Dokhtar-I-Gazi Baluch rugs (two Timuri related groups); a discussion of rugs made in the Baluch style; and the relationship of Baluch weavings to an earlier Anatolian model.

Antiques and Collectibles Directory
This is a directory of dealers and resources for collectors of various types of antiques, including antique rugs and textiles.

Rug Books
A collection of books about Turkmen rugs, Central Asian embroideries, Tribal rugs, and Antique Carpets, oriental rugs, Kyrgyz and reed screens, silks of Central asia, and textile arts. Rug books can be shipped worldwide. Catalog section includes auction catalogs, books, videos, oriental rug calendars and periodicals. Latest titles include Ecker, Heather: Caliphs and Kings, The Art and Influence of Islamic Spain, Gajicki, Bora and Margarita: The Folk Motif , Gavin, Traude: Iban Ritual Textiles and Hoskins, Nancy Arthur: The Coptic Tapestry Albums and the Archaeologist of Antino?Albert Gayet .

Old Rugs Online
If you need to know anything about antique rugs, oriental rugs, persian rugs, rug repair, rug cleaning, or rug washing, this is the site where you want to begin. Scroll down the page and click on A Concise and Useful History on Rugs and you will be treated to a wonderful and thorough history of the Persian rug complete with photographs of various styles and colors of incredibly beautiful Persian rugs. Learn about the ancient and mysterious art of wool dying, and learn the fascinating story of how the oldest Persion rug in existence was accidentally preserved in ice by ancient tomb raiders. Learn how the ancient art of rug weaving and rug braiding became so closely associated with this particular area of the world. Learn why Persion rugs are today considered the best rugs made and are so highly prized and sought after. Click on A Complete Source of Information on Different Persian Rugs for an extensive look into Persian rugs from every region of Persia and from virtually every time period. If you have an interest in Persian rugs and their fascinating history, then you won't want to miss this site.

How Good is My Rug Collecting
There are a lot of curious reasons why people collect rugs, some of which make little sense to anyone not so bitten. People participate in rug collecting to own fabulous rugs, win competitions, to learn about the industry, have fun meeting others interested in rugs, make money off the products and to be in the collecting industry. The author of this article talks about his fascination with rug collection, as well as tales of life as a rug collector.

Armenian Rugs and Carpets
Here is a detailed essay on the history and significance of rugs and carpets in Armenia. It says that rugs have been a vital part of Armenian domestic life since ancient times and we renowned in the Middle Ages—proof that Armenia has played an important role in the creation, development and perfection of rug making. Rugs were a profitable commodity in the Middle Ages, and this brought worldwide fame to the Armenian rug-making art, which is still very popular in the world market today. The article goes on to discuss carpets that have been discovered from ancient times, and therefore motifs that can be identified as distinctly Armenian. It talks about ornaments on other articles, such as murals, as well as colors and dyes. It's a very scholarly article covering the full historical timeline and the history of Armenian rug making.


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