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Resources for Collectors of Area Rugs

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Silk and Wool: Ottoman Textile Designs in Turkish Rugs
Take a look at Turkish rug designs with this informative article. In it, author Gerard Paquin says that some of the mystery and appeal of the Oriental carpet for collectors and scholars is its ability to incorporate designs from a wide range of sources. But when you look into the origins of designs, it should give us a better understanding of the economic and artistic contexts in which a rug is woven.

Jacobsen's Guide to Oriental Rugs and Carpets
Provided by a rug merchant, this is an excellent top-line guide to oriental rugs from Afghanistan, the Caucasus, China, India, Nepal and Tibet, Pakistan, Turkey, and Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Provides links and information on how the rugs are made, how to select the correct size, and a lot of other tidbits such as how to tell if your rug is really silk.

Collecting Caucasian Rugs
Colorful Caucasian rugs are valuable antiques. Rugs bring top dollars throughout the world. Is it because of the amount of time and talent needed to make a beautiful rug? Figure out what style of rug is best for you and learn more about rug collecting. Caucasian rugs are some of the most interesting styles of rug. Caucasus is an incredibly mountainous area whose people prove that life is amazingly tenacious. Flat land is at a premium and even the sheep must have to use climbing equipment just to stay on the hill! One mountain range in particular effectively cut off the entire area. The Caucasus region went through many different regimes, the most famous of which was the USSR. Today the area is divided up into the bottom end of Russia and the countries of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. More history about Caucasian rugs is included.

Buying, Repairing and Cleaning Persian Rugs & Oriental Carpets
This provides a good basis for those getting into rug collecting, with easy question and answer sections that give insider tips. The basics of buying area rugs are included on this website, in addition to repairing and cleaning them. The site warns to beware of fake custom auctions, going out of business sales, moving sales, bankruptcy and remodeling sales. If you are buying on online auctions, do your homework before bidding on any rug from anybody. The site suggests knowing what your budget is before making a purchase, the size of the rug, knowing rug origins, knowing how many knots per square inch, return policies and more.

Collectors Cafe
This site contains information for collectors, including everything from baseball cards to musical items. By searching for the tug section, you'll be brought to a section for rug collectors. Site discusses types of rugs to collect, and a brief history about rugs. Site includes classifieds, a chat room, an article library and more resources for rug collectors.

Persian Rug Design
FarsiNet, an Iranian Persian Global eCommunity for Farsi Speaking People, provides a list of Persian rugs designs from each region and links to some samples. The site includes hand-made antique and new Persian rugs.


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