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Health: For Smarter Nutrition (01)

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The Basics of Nutrition
When we hear the word nutrition, what comes to mind? This site gives an overivew about what nutrition is (a science that studies the relationship between diet and states of health and disease) and also includes examples of conditions that can be overcome by eating the right foods. It includes a history of nutrition and diet, as well as information about weight loss, nutrition and longevity, teaching nutrition to students and dietetic associations.

Chef Jeremy Bearman: 2012 Healthy Cooking Award Recipient
Meet Chef Jeremy Bearman, who won the 2012 Healthy Cooking Award during that yearís Trailblazing Chef Awards of Cooking Light. There are five other winners in different categories, which recognize the contribution of great American chefs in the preservation of American heritage, exploration of global flavors, and innovation in healthy cooking. In his Rouge Tomate restaurant in New York, Bearman collaborates with staff nutritionist when developing a menu. Some of the house rules when preparing food include not adding butter or cream in savory dishes, no grilling, and no frying. You can read more interesting details about him in this article. See Aspen personal chef Flourish, for health food in your own home in Aspen, CO.

Calcium-Rich Foods Lower Colon Cancer Risk
Itís pretty much well known that taking calcium supplements is a good idea, and this article explains a medical study that found that calcium-rich foods can decrease the risk of colon cancer. It discusses how researchers examined the connection between calcium intake and colon cancer risk among nearly 88,000 women in the Nurses' Health Study and more than 47,000 men in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study. They found that consuming 700 mg of calcium each day significantly reduced both men's and women's risk of developing colon cancer. The bulk of calcium in the diets of study participants came from dairy products, the article states. The site gives some good examples of foods high in calcium that you can start eating now to decrease the risk.

Health & Nutrition Literature from Physicians Committee
This website brings together the expertise of more than 12,000 doctors and the combined undertakings of dieticians, scientists, experts in the medical community, lawmakers, the media and the public to make medicine more responsible and compassionate for people and animals. The website features tools and resources for physicians to aid them in making nutrition an integral part of their practice, such as the Continuing Medical Education section. It also offers news, publications, fact sheets and kits about health and nutrition, ethical research and education, legislative campaigns and literature on animal experimentation. Interested parties who want to support the communityís work may do so through two donor programs: Remembering the Rodney Society and Food for Life Society.

Health & Nutrition on Vegetarian Society Website
This site offers nutritional information sheets about calcium, carbohydrates, fiber, fat sand oils, minerals, protein, vitamins, fat and cholesterol, iron, cereals, cheese, nuts and seeds, soy nutrition, protein, omega 3 fats, vitamin B12, zinc and vegan nutrition. It also includes research on vegetarian vitality, infant nutrition, healthy eating for kids, antibiotic resistances, and other health and diet information. Also features information on allergies, gluten-free diets, diabetes, cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and kidney stones. Plenty of nutritional information here so you can make healthier eating choices.


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