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Health: For Smarter Nutrition (02)

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The Relationship between Nutrition and Kidney Stones
This site says that a recent study conducted Brigham and Womenís Hospital and Harvard Medical School found that previous recommendations to limit dairy products in an effort to reduce the risk of kidney stones were not accurate. There were more than 90,000 women in the study, which showed "that women with the highest intake of dietary calcium had the lowest risk of kidney stones." Researchers say that calcium neutralizes the absorption of oxalate, a substance that is present in foods such as spinach and beets which has been linked to kidney stone formation. It includes a list of foods to avoid, which include peanut oil, soft drinks, tea, cocoa, green peppers, beans and beets.

There is a growing body of evidence proving that type-2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiac disease, deadly as they are, can be reversed through proper nutrition. However, not many doctors are trained and equipped with the knowledge and the tools needed to prevent and reverse these diseases through food, so many people take it upon themselves to find which diets would work optimally for the conditions they have. The problem is, there are scores of conflicting nutritional advice readily available online. This website aims to present studies and researches about the connection between nutrition and various diseases through articles, podcasts, and short videos that are very easy to understand.

Diet, Lifestyle May Lower Colon Cancer Risk
This 2004 article says that a renowned researcher estimates that 70 percent of colon cancers could be prevented with just moderate changes in diet and lifestyle. One prime suspect now is insulin resistance. In this condition, higher levels of insulin circulate because the body is less responsive to it. Insulin and related growth factors seem to change cell processes in ways that promote the development of cancer. The article also says that consuming enough calcium is the latest approach to lower the risk of colon cancer. It cites a recent study looked at the recurrence of colon polyps, which are noncancerous growths that have the ability to turn into cancer. Polyp recurrence was 29 percent lower with a higher consumption of calcium and vitamin D, the article says.

Naturopathic Nutrition Association
Naturopathy is a primary health care system that is distinct from traditional medical practice, with a focus on finding out the root cause of disease instead of just treating symptoms, and on harnessing the power of the body and of nature to heal and prevent disease. Naturopathic nutrition is the practice of nutrition grounded in the practice of naturopathy. The Naturopathic Nutrition Association is the professional association of naturopathic nutritional therapists, graduates, and final year students. It provides education, training and mentoring, as well as continuing professional development. The NNA website is a rich resource for nutrition experts and therapists, featuring information on training providers, CPD opportunities, a database of natural medicines, news and events. The website also includes an FAQ section explaining the professional standards the association lives by.

The Jackson Fountain of Youth
The Jack Fountain of Youth is a page on the website of Jackson Siegelbaum Gastroenterology that represents their recommendations for good health and long life. The page that your genes only account for about a third of your chance for living a long, long time with mental and physical vigor, and that what you think and what you do accounts for the other two thirds. They break it down into three parts: mind set, physical action and personal action. The mind set has to do with using the mind to create challenges, interacting with people, controlling anger, avoiding stress and living within one's means.Phyical action has to do with being pro-active with physical symptoms and getting medical tests. Personal action is about maintain a thin weight, exercising, and eating well, with logs of vergetables, fish, fruit and whole grains. It is also recommended to take vitamin C, vitamin B complex with folic acid, 1000-1300 mg of calcium a day, a multiple vitamin, and the Jackson Fiber Coctail of 20-30 gm of fiber.

For more resources, visit ForSmarterNutrition.com.

Or review sample resources for children's health.


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