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Sports Health: Training & Nutrition (01)

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The Inner Game of Golf
Are you ready to find your game? This website, InnerGame.org, will help you do just that. With the site's guidancel, you can be the elite golf player you have always wanted to be. The site's creator is a Certified PGA Professional and the founding dean of the National University Golf Academy. Aside from being a professional golf player, he has authored books and articles about the psychology of golf. Besides playing golf and writing about the performance sport, he also serves as a consultant for both amateur and professional golf players and is a prolific speaker on performance psychology.

Got Big Back Pain? Get Chiropractic Answers Here
This site is dedicated to the all-too-common issue of back pain. BigBackPain.com provides good quality information about the causes of this type of discomfort, as well as symptoms and various treatment options, including seeing a trained chiropractor. The site includes suggestions on how to avoid back strain, including how to choose the right mattress, how to assume the proper posture and how to lift things properly. The site includes an extensive collection of articles on chiropractic treatment options, as well as other alternative medicine treatments such as massage, laser therapy, decompression and spinal injections. Satisfy your curiosity about the anatomy of the spine and learn more about various health conditions which can affect this part of the body, such as scoliosis, sciatica, herniated discs, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and more.

Energy Foods Fuel Busy Lives
This WebMD article explores the use of energy drinks and bars in our society. Carbohydrates fuel muscles. For elite athletes, the timing of food intake is critical, the article states. Different amounts and forms of carbohydrates are best before, during, and immediately after high-intensity play. Energy drinks and energy foods offer convenient ways to meet these needs. For the rest of us, energy drinks and foods are just as convenient. The danger is getting too many calories. That's the biggest issue for weekend warriors, says Leslie Bonci, MPH, director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, in the article.

Sports Psychology Coach Articles
If you are an athlete, you will find a lot of information on this collection of sports psychology articles written by Dr. Patrick Cohn who is a master mental game coach. Dr. Cohn founded Peak Performance Sports, and is one of the leading mental toughness coaches in the U.S. Dr. Cohnís articles feature topics such as avoiding distractions caused by things you cannot control, overcoming anxiety on the golf course, maintaining confidence after a not particularly good performance, maintaining an emotional balance in laying your sport, improving mental toughness in tennis, and developing positive practice habits.

10 Resistance Exercises for Stronger Muscles
Resistance training can help you burn more calories and have stronger bones. In this article adapted from the book Fitness Over 40 by Vonda Wright, M.D., you will learn ten resistance exercises. These activities are for your back, knees, legs, and shoulders. The load-carrying exercises are leg abduction, leg adduction, planking, side planking, short arc squats/wall slides, straight leg raises, wall shin raises, heel step downs, arm raises, and external and internal rotation. However, it does not mean you need to carry heavy loads. Every exercise is explained step-by-step along with some photos that serve as guides.


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